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Tactile Turn SLIM Bolt Action Ink Pen - Sprout Limited Ed- Titanium -Mini 4.4"

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Chlorophyll, photosynthesis, xylem, and phloem. While not all of us are born with green thumbs it doesn't take a botanist to appreciate the beauty of plant life. Inspired by the humble houseplant providing freshness and greenery in unnatural, modern environments, Sprout borrows design elements from the Plantae kingdom – adding a welcome pop of color to your desk, pocket, or backpack with no water or sunlight required. The themed colorway consists of a two-tone, glossy green Cerakote body, with accents, and complex foliage laser engraving on a terracotta brown clip.

  • Body/Shaft Color: Multi
  • Body/Shaft Material: Titanium
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Refillable: Yes - Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refill
  • Weight: Approximately 0.730 Ounces ~ 21 Grams
  • Diameter: Approximately 0.365" ~ 9.3 mm
  • Length (Ink Retracted): Approximately 4.40" ~ 112 mm
  • Special Features:
  • Spring 2024 Limited Edition
    Commemorative box and sticker included with each order
    Custom seed packet included with domestic orders
    Made in USA

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