Todd Begg Knives

Todd Begg's interest in knives began when he was a young boy, hunting, fishing and living off the land with his brothers in the wilds of the Great Northwest. Later in life while in the military as an NBC Recon team member Todd's appreciation for knives deepened as he used them on a daily basis in the field environment. Todd has formal training as a machinist and worked in the aerospace machining industry in the Seattle area.

Todd Begg's goal is to produce functional and beautiful knives that are innovative and unique. He strives for perfection in form, function, fit and finish. His goal in building knives is to deliver a finished piece that will be cherished and appreciated for generations to come. Todd employs the stock removal method of knife making with a particular emphasis on precision machined details and inlay work. He strives to create a knife with zero tool marks, Todd wants the knife to look as if it was born and not built. He believes the collector deserves to see effort on every surface of the knife.

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