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RMJ Tactical Jenny Wren SPIKE Tomahawk 80CRV2 Steel Dirty Olive G-10 - Scabbard

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The 11.5" Jenny Wren Spike tomahawk is a true multi-tool, great for outdoor adventure as well as for use as a breach and extraction tool in urban environments. The Jenny Wren Spike fills the role of a high-quality utility tomahawk, great for use as a go to tool on a simple day hike, or a week long camping trip. From cutting wood to camp site clearing and food prep, the cutting capabilities of this tomahawk are endless. The Jenny Wren head features multiple sharp edges including the primary cutting head, the bottom of the beard and the spike. These surfaces can all be used for cutting, scraping, fire starting, and countless additional uses.  

The Jenny Wren Spike offers full tang construction and 1/4" 80CRV2 carbon steel (57-58 HRC) is used in its construction. 3D contoured G10 handle scales are incorporated for grip and durability. The tomahawk has a Tungsten Cerakote finish that facilitates greater resistance to wear, corrosion, chemical and impact damage, as well as providing a low visibility look. 

The main edge measures 2 5/8", designed for heavy use in the field, chopping through anything you need to cut including brush, branches, and additional chores fit for the the use of a sharp blade. The head, from the forward edge to the end of the spike is 5 3/4". The spike itself is 1 3/4" long, enough to penetrate or breach a variety of objects such as, car locks, windows, doors, tires, and many more. When using this tool outdoors the spike makes a great digging tool, and can even be used to drag logs.

Included is a molded Kydex Bottom-Eject Scabbard with low ride straps for belt carry.

  • Forward Edge Length: Approximately 2.63" ~ 67 mm
  • Spike Length: Approximately 1.75" ~ 44 mm
  • Forward Edge to Spike Length: Approximately 5.625" ~ 143 mm
  • Blade Material: Tungsten Cerakote 80CRV2 Steel
  • Hardness: 57 - 58 HRc
  • Blade Style: Plain Edge
  • Blade Thickness: Approximately 0.25" ~ 6.4 mm
  • Lock Style: Fixed Blade Tomahawk
  • Open Overall Length: Approximately 11.75" ~ 298 mm
  • Handle Material: Dirty Olive G-10 and Tungsten Cerakote 80CRV2 Steel
  • Sheath: Black Kydex
  • Weight: Approximately 20.5 Ounces ~ 581 Grams (Tomahawk Only)
  • Special Features:
    Lanyard Hole
    Made in USA

1 Review

Peter 1st May 2023


My typical carry. Fantastically functional and top notch quality.

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